To the mind that is saddened,
And to the heart that breaks,
To the spirits that are blackened,
And to the body that aches,
To the eyes that are crying,
And to the joints in pain,
To the bad dreams residing,
And to the emotions that are drained,
To the lungs that can’t breathe,
And to the stomach that stays ill,
To the life you want to lead,
And to the tumor that is stilled,
To the family who weeps,
And to his friends who are mad,
To the wife who can’t sleep
And to the sons who cry “Dad,”
It will all be okay,
Your healing will come soon,
The cancer I’ll slay,
And your health I’ll renew.
You asked Me for healing,
And begged for My truth,
While you’re on your knees kneeling,
am healing you.
The freedom you will reign,
And the pain will diffuse,
Happiness you will gain,
And the sadness you will lose.
And you’ll win and defeat,
As I had promised to you,
 That I demand it shall flee,
And never again come back through.
You had faith in Me,
While I had promises to you.
I am God Almighty,
And forever and ever I will always guide you.

Isaiah 46:4 // Brandi Addison


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