To be “pro-life” is to…

If someone asked “why are you pro-life,” what would your argument be?
Would you focus on the beautiful, unborn babies whose mommies were too young and scared to raise them? Is it because they weren’t given the choice to live? Is it because you didn’t think these babies deserve to die? You’re right – I guess we could consider that “pro-life” as we like to call it. And you’re right – that baby didn’t make the choice, and that baby didn’t deserve to die.
But what if you knew that child would come out with great disabilities? What if you knew that child would turn out to be gay? What if that child was transgender? Would you still fight for its rights to live the same? Would you be there for that child throughout their life, throughout their struggles? Would you stand up for that child if they were bullied for their sexual orientation? Would you stand up for that child if they were bullied for their disabilities? Would you, personally, adopt a child with the same qualities of any of those?
If you answered yes, then yes, this is a great example of pro-life.
But don’t get ahead of yourself.
If that women were raped, would you encourage the abortion or would you tell her to get rid of it? What if it were incest, knowing all of the possibilities of disabilities that could come from it? And, more importantly, what if that mom were about to lose her life to the pregnancy? Knowing she could create more life, would you tell her to die with it or would you tell her to terminate it – knowing it was going to hurt her for the rest of her life. To be pro-life is to be open-minded in this situation.
When’s the last time you adopted a baby? There are about 400,000 youth currently in foster homes, living without permanent families. That certainly would be endorsing your “pro-life” mentality. To be pro-life is to adopt the baby whose rights you just fought for.
What about welfare? Do you complain about your tax dollars going to lazy families who are alcoholic or addicted to drugs? Spending nearly $1 million on drug fair tests in seven different states, they discovered that the drug use percentage of people on welfare varies from .002 percent to 8.3 percent. All except for one was below one percent. To be pro-life is to support the welfare system – and maybe even a healthcare act.
When you see a person with food stamps, what comes to your mind? Do you immediately roll your eyes and sigh in disgust thinking that person more than likely doesn’t need them. You say they’re probably from Mexico and that they probably can’t even speak English (which by the way is NOT our national language! Surprise! We actually don’t have a national language). Next time you’re so fragile with  the dime you’ve given to a family who doesn’t even know how they’ll put bread on their table that evening, remember you’re “pro-life.” To be pro-life is to willingly support those in need with your dollar when they don’t have one.
When is the last time you stood up for our Native American families who are protesting #NoDAPL? Help put an end to the Dakota Access Pipeline. When is the last time we stood up for our friends and neighbors dealing with the Flint Water Crisis? To be pro-life is to fight for their necessities, even if it doesn’t affect your individual self.
What about refugees and immigration bans? Do you support the immigration bans? Keep in mind, a lot of these individuals didn’t choose to leave their homes – but instead, they were forced by war or natural disaster.  Some, which I’d assume, the United States could have easily contributed to. To be pro-life is to be pro-refugee. To be pro-life is to welcome them home with your arms wide open.
That homeless man you see walking up and down the interstate every now and then, how do you react to him? Do you stop and give him a few dollars, or do you refuse assuming he’s about to go buy drugs or alcohol with it? To be pro-life is to help out others without question or making awful assumptions.
How do you feel about the death penalty? Or even water boarding? Do you support war because it will help us economically? Because several civilians and several of our brave men and women die from war. To be pro-life is to be against any termination of life, even if you feel they are “deserving” of it. To be pro-life is to save lives before saving the economy that you live in.
All around the world, there are starving families. Not just kids, but entire families. When is the last time you did anything to contribute to the cause in helping them get the food, shelter, water, or aid that they need? While it’s hard for some to think there’s nothing beyond the boundaries of the United States, there is quite a bit of stress on a good portion of the world. To be pro-life is to look beyond the United States and invest in the entire world.
Do you stereotype? Do you make general assumptions about a specific group or ethnicity? Do you make racial slurs? Do you condemn or judge a specific religion? Most importantly, to be pro-life is to love and support every single life out there.
Love blacks. That’s pro-life. Love hispanics – from Mexico, from Central America, from South America. That’s pro-life. Love asians. That’s pro-life. Love all Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, and Christians. That’s pro-life. Love the flaming liberals and the radical conservatives that you just can’t seem to get along with. That’s pro-life. Love those who can’t speak English when you think they should be able to. That’s pro-life. Love the hardcore feminist who annoys you every time you log onto your social media. That’s pro-life. Love the gays and love the lesbians. That’s pro-life. Love the bisexuals. That’s pro-life. Love the transgenders. That’s pro-life. And you should even love that young teen who made the choice to terminate her baby. That’s pro-life.
To be pro-life is to be more than just saving unborn babies. To be pro-life is to be pro-every-single-life. And until you find yourself doing more than just typing on a computer screen about how abortion is wrong – until you find yourself adopting a child, or putting others lives before your paychecks, or fighting for others rights and needs when they don’t personally affect you, or no longer boasting out loud your terrible closed-minded, homophobic, misogynist, racial, and prejudice slurs – you might as well call yourself “pro-birth” or “anti-abortion,” because nothing else about your lifestyle is pro-life.


Isaiah 46:4 // Brandi Addison


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